PodcastGuest BloggerStudent Playlist: What Makes an Engaging Lesson?

I often wonder why, as a student, it feels like some lessons go on forever, while others fly by. The key, I think, lies in the sometimes vague but crucial concept of engagement. When I am engaged, I don’t even pay attention to the passing time. However, when I am not engaged, it can feel like a class is never-ending.

When my environmental science teacher asks a question, I feel engaged. Tons of people raise their hands, and he makes a conscious effort to get everyone involved. I remember one day we were doing a project on the solar system: we got into groups of three and we picked the planet we wanted to research. Each group researched how far the planet was from the sun, how big it was, and two other interesting facts about the planet. We also found a picture of our planet. The teacher then had us move beyond the classroom, taking our learning outside.

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