#WordCrimes: Which Ones Drive You Crazy?

“Weird Al” Yankovic is at it again, this time spoofing grammar and word usage in his most recent hilarious takedown of popular music. I wish I could take off my editing hat at least some of the time; to take a break from being continuously offended by the misuse of the English language. But I just can’t. I once took out my red pen and aimed my sights at our local Sunday paper, just to see what it would look like.

Which brings us to a more lighthearted topic for today: What are your most hated word crimes?

I’ll start us off: misuse of moot and mute. Your turn!

Sherri Devine is Managing Editor at Teaching Channel and was part of the original launch team of the site. She is dedicated to supporting teachers in their craft and is grateful for finally getting a chance to link two of her great loves: Language and Teaching Channel.

What We Can All Learn from a No-Hitter

As a rabid fan of the game, I have a habit of seeing things in terms of baseball analogies. Watching yesterday’s no-hitter by Tim Lincecum, who is my favorite player on the San Francisco Giants, my live-and-die-by team, got me thinking.

Back in 2007, Timmy was a 23-year-old rookie with a blazing fastball. With his youth and talent, it was something he tended to take for granted. By the end of 2009, he had won the Cy Young Award. Twice. It all came so easily.

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