PodcastPodcastTch Talks 16: Powering Up Student Learning Through Minecraft

Minecraft Education Edition

Kids love Minecraft. They love mining for ore, they love collaborating with friends, they love creating Minecraft worlds. How do we take advantage of that intense interest for the purpose of deeper learning in the classroom? Minecraft Global Mentor Stephen Elford, an educator in Australia, joins Tch Talks to discuss student engagement and how that engagement facilitates exciting learning opportunities with Minecraft.

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PodcastPodcastTch Talks 13: Teaching and Learning With Minecraft


Tch Talks caught up with Meenoo Rami, Manager at Minecraft Education Edition, to hear more about the ways teachers across the world are unleashing Minecraft for deeper student learning and engagement. Gain insights and discover resources to help you leverage one of the world’s most popular games in your classroom.

This is the first in our five-part podcast series, Teaching and Learning with Minecraft. Stay tuned for episodes that focus more specifically on Engagement, Collaboration, Creativity, and Tangible Learning Outcomes.

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series icon - playlistReasoning and Constructing Arguments: Teaching Channel created this series of videos to show how two of the Common Core Math Practice Standards progress throughout the grades.

series icon - playlistFour Steps to Get You Reading Like a Historian: In this series, students explore different perspectives of historical events and develop opinions based on their readings.

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