Getting Better At Personalized Learning

Getting Better Together


Here’s a startling statistic: 40% of high school students are chronically disengaged in school. There are enough reasons to go around, and I’d agree that many of them are outside of a teacher’s direct control. But some of them aren’t. As we pursue a set of skills, I have a great deal of control over how that happens in my classroom, so going into this school year I asked myself:

  • How can student-interest and inquiry drive the learning?
  • How can my teaching be more responsive to student needs?
  • How do I help students realize their own agency and ability to effect change?

Out of these questions came my Getting Better Together project focused on pursuing personalized learning and customized instruction.

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Watch, Learn, Interact: Tch Video Lounge is Open!

Teaching Channel Video Lounge: Watch. Learn. Interact.


We’re lucky to live in a time when we can access amazing content anytime, anywhere.

With the click of a button, you can binge watch episodes of your favorite show or even Teaching Channel videos all night long. But with so many options available at any hour of the day, rarely are any of us are watching the same thing at the same time, which means we probably aren’t talking with each other about what we’re seeing. I personally have been waiting a long time for my friends to watch The Wire so that I can discuss it with them, but they’re too busy watching Scandal, which I’ve never seen! And the same can hold true for Teaching Channel videos. Your colleague may be watching and adapting our ever popular My Favorite No, while you’ve been watching and trying out strategies from a growth mindset video.

While all of this watching is great, we’re missing out on the now old-fashioned water cooler talks when colleagues shared connections, ideas, and questions around content, whether it be video or what just happened in the classroom. Here at Teaching Channel, we’re bringing back the water cooler!

Welcome to Tch Video Lounge, a place where you can watch, learn, and talk about Teaching Channel content together.

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