TCHERS' VOICE: Class Culture

TCHERS' VOICE / Class Culture

Collective Teacher Efficacy

By Taj Jensen and Christine Kelly
June 04, 2019

Collective Teacher Efficacy is the number one factor influencing student achievement according to John Hattie’s work. This blog takes a deeper look at this concept and the use of cohesion, effective intervention systems, responsive leadership

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TCHERS' VOICE / Class Culture

Restorative Practices- A Principal Perspective and A Teacher Perspective

By DeMarco Pitre and Dr. Angela Brooks
May 14, 2019

Connection — a fundamental need that humans desire. As the fourth principal of a school in a year, the ultimate goal was that everyone felt connected to our school, to each other and to the work

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TCHERS' VOICE / Class Culture

Building Relationships for Authentic Teacher Appreciation

By Leann Norton
May 07, 2019

In May, teachers are recognized nationwide in a grand event named Teacher Appreciation Week. During this week, educators are sprinkled with gifts, kind words, and delicious baked goods. Personally, I love Teacher Appreciation Week; it

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TCHERS' VOICE / Social Justice & Equity

Taking on Culturally Relevant Real-World Learning

By Schools That Can
April 23, 2019

Now more than ever, cultural relevance is a crucial ingredient for the success of our schools, well being of our students, and future of our workforce. Students are more diverse in their languages, abilities, ways

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TCHERS' VOICE / Professional Learning

Teaching is a Listening Profession

By Allison Hintz, Kersti Tyson and Andrea English
April 14, 2019

We listen to hear what our students understand. We listen to hear our students’ emerging understandings. We listen to hear how students are doing. We listen to decide where to steer the discussion next. We

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