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TCHERS' VOICE / Lesson Planning

The Perfect Storm: 3 Simple Steps to Project Ideation

By Jennifer Pieratt
August 20, 2018

Three simple steps to help you come up with a project idea.

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TCHERS' VOICE / Lesson Planning

Deciding When PBL Makes Sense for Your Year

By Jennifer Pieratt
August 13, 2018

As you look ahead at the year in front of you, NOW is the time to think about the ideal moment for dipping your toe in the waters of PBL.

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Tch Talks 29: Project-Based Learning with Jennifer Pieratt

By Teaching Channel
July 24, 2018

On this episode of Tch Talks, we're chatting with the brilliant and creative Jennifer Pieratt, who helps us dig into some common questions around Project-Based Learning.

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TCHERS' VOICE / New Teacher Survival Guide

Becoming a Connected Educator with Twitter

By Nicole Mancini
July 13, 2018

Social media is more than posting pictures of your dog or finding new recipes. It's one of the most powerful ways to refine your craft as an educator. For teachers, social media is a valuable resource

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Tch Tips: 5 Easy Ways to Stay Connected Over the Summer

By Gretchen Vierstra
July 11, 2018

If you’re missing the connection that teaching brings, here are a few ways you can stay in touch with colleagues over the summer months.

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