How do I help students develop civic knowledge and understanding?

How do I further students’ civic knowledge and understanding?

Students need a foundation of civic knowledge and understanding so that they can build informed opinions and perspectives, know about the structures and functions of government, and participate effectively in civic and political life. Students can develop this foundation by examining important civic documents, learning about concepts that will enable deep thinking about social issues, forging connections between important historical events and the present, as well as their lived experiences. Explore the resources on this page to learn more.

Actively Explore Civic Content

In the videos below, students actively explore important civic documents and historical periods and make connections between the past and the present.

Watch as students analyze the core themes in the Declaration of Independence and consider how those themes impact our identity as a country.

In this video, students participate in a simulation where they explore how markets, banking, and loans worked in the past and how that relates to today.

Dive into Civic Concepts

Students in these videos dive into broad civic concepts like revolution, reaction, reform, and freedom to enable deep thinking about social issues

In this video, students explore the big ideas of revolution, reaction, and reform, and begin to apply these ideas to examples throughout history and today.

Students explore the meaning of freedom by analyzing and discussing a primary source document from the period after the Civil War.

Learn about Important Historical Events

Watch the videos below and see how students examine historical events through primary source documents and video testimonies in order to understand their societal significance.

In this video, students develop an identity of a community member in France during the revolution and wrestle with core societal issues such as class differences, extremism, and trade.

This lesson focuses on first-person accounts from people who survived and witnessed the Holocaust as well as reflections on how students can combat prejudice.

Hamilton: The Ten Dollar Founding Father Proves Priceless in American Classrooms

Read this blog post to learn how the story of Alexander Hamilton and the Broadway musical can be used in the classroom to explore important events in history and key themes in our society today. For more resources on teaching about Hamilton, visit the Hamilton Education Program and Hamilton’s America.

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