What are effective ways to take action in the digital age?

What are effective ways to take action in the digital age?

When youth take informed action they can develop civic knowledge, build civic skills, gain experience working with others, and deepen their civic commitments. In the digital era, youth can draw on digital media and online platforms to respond to issues they care about and mobilize others to bring about change in a variety of ways. Explore the resources on this page to learn more about how your students can take informed action

Encouraging Students to Take Action

Watch this video to see how ninth grade teacher Matt Colley’s students work in small groups to research and plan an action project focused on a contemporary problem.

Engaging in Work that Matters

In these two videos, teachers engage their students in an action project.

The first portion of this Deeper Learning video (up to 8:45) shows students taking action through project-based learning with an authentic audience.

This Deeper Learning video profiles two students taking action about coastal pollution and raising awareness via social media.

Digital Media and Struggles for Justice

Take a look at this video produced by the Black Youth Project that explores what it means to take action in the digital age. You can share this video with your students and reflect on the promise and peril of social media.

Grant Writing: Blending Literature and Community

In this video, Sarah Brown Wessling asks her high school students to write a grant proposal for a community organization that will address a social issue of concern and present it to a panel of community members. Check out this blog for her students’ reflections on their projects.

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