How do I integrate Common Core literacy into an NGSS classroom?

How do I integrate Common Core literacy into an NGSS classroom?

Created in collaboration with our partners at

American Museum of Natural History

AMNH designed and implemented a series of professional development workshops that showed teachers how to integrate literacy strategies into their science instruction.
The videos feature teachers who have experienced this professional development at the Museum. These videos capture teachers in their actual classrooms, utilizing literacy strategies within their science lessons. The strategies can be applied to any science content area.

Summarizing in Science

Summarizing text helps readers make meaning of complex science material, as demonstrated in this middle school classroom.

Vocabulary Instruction

Vocabulary terms found in complex science texts can present major obstacles for students, but teachers can make decisions ahead of time that will help facilitate student comprehension.

Writing a Scientific Explanation

A writing scaffold, called the Explanation Tool, can help students in science classrooms make sense of natural phenomena and develop explanations for those phenomena.


Paraphrasing gives students a tool for monitoring their own comprehension as they read science text.

Interactive Read Alouds

This strategy provides students with a shared experience around a text relevant to the science content about which they are learning.

Interactive Reading Guides

This strategy provides a way for students to read a text independently with peer interaction and coaching from the teacher.

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