What do NGSS classrooms look like?

What do NGSS classrooms look like?

Even if you’ve read a lot about the NGSS, it’s hard to know what implementation looks like until you’ve seen it inside a classroom. The following videos and blogs will give you an idea of what happens in an NGSS classroom.

Using the Argument Tool

Watch students build understanding of scientific arguments by using a tool to create an argument about an ecosystem.

Engaging in Argument from Evidence

See how one teacher engages students in the NGSS by activating prior knowledge.

Supporting the NGSS: The “Engage” Lesson

See an example of the “Engage” part of the 5 E's Instructional Model that activate priors knowledge and piques student curiosity.

Engineering in an NGSS Classroom

Learn more about what engineering looks like in an NGSS classroom while designing solutions for dealing with an insect problem.

Making Claims from Evidence

In this video, watch second grade teacher Becki Cope engage her students in designing ways to lessen the effects of wind and water on a sandcastle. Watch students learn about erosion while simultaneously experiencing the three dimensions of the NGSS.

Working as a Team

Watch this quick video to see Ms. Cope share how student collaboration fits into the NGSS. Why do you think it’s important to make teamwork a part of an NGSS classroom?

Energy & Matter Across Science Disciplines

This video show what the NGSS can look like in a high school classroom. Science teacher Tricia Shelton has students use energy concepts to make connections between physical and life science systems.

First Steps Towards Transitioning to the NGSS

Feeling intimidated about transitioning to the NGSS? Embrace that it takes time. In this video, see Tricia Shelton explain how she started using the NGSS in her classroom.

This blog features the classroom videos mentioned above and provides more information about how teachers can start implementing the NGSS in their classrooms.

What roles do teachers and students play in an NGSS classroom? An active learning process is at the heart of the NGSS, requiring shifts for both. Read this blog to find out more.

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