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How can I build relationships with students?

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The first step towards building a positive classroom culture is developing strong relationships with students. But this can be easier said than done! The first step is to be genuinely curious about your students. Communicate that you value them and want to get to know them. Through these genuine interactions, relationships will soon form.

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6 Ways to Build Relationships with Students

Begin by watching this playlist of videos about building authentic relationships with your students. As you watch, think about what strategies you could implement in your own classroom.

Finding Balance

How can you build relationships with students that balance friendliness and professionalism?

Check out this question from a Tch community member and the answers that follow. Contribute your own thoughts by responding to the question in Q&A!

Show Your Support: Student-Advisor Relationships

Show Your Support

It’s important that students know you're there to help them achieve their goals. As you watch this video about building student-advisor relationships, think about which lessons you could apply to your own classroom.

Whether you’re entering your first year of teaching or your 30th, I urge you to spend time this summer thinking about how you'll strike a balance; building rewarding relationships while not letting the relationships overtake your life. For me, repeating two things like mantras helped: ‘Teach from the heart’ and ‘You can’t do it all.’” Read more...

Ask for feedback

Ask for Feedback

As teachers, we spend a lot of time giving our students feedback. But we rarely ask them to give us feedback. Watch how Sean McComb uses focus groups to gather students’ feedback on his teaching. Think about how this practice helps to build relationships between students and teachers.

Remember why you began teaching in the first place: THE STUDENTS! Dig deeper into how you can and will impact students throughout your career by building relationships and community. Take Course 5021: Wholehearted Teaching: Reignite Your Passion for the Teaching Profession!


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