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How can I help students work together?

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We do all the work of building a strong class culture so that students can take more and more ownership in the classroom. When things are running smoothly, students are able to collaborate and take charge of their learning.

We’ve explored how students can be involved in creating norms for the classroom, but how do we more fully encourage collaboration and teamwork? Let’s look at some ideas!

Building Appreciation

Building Appreciation

If we want students to be able to work together, the first step is helping them get along with each other. In order to build positive relationships, encourage students to appreciate each other. Watch how David Olio does this in his high school English classroom.

Respectful Talk

Respectful Talk

Students don’t need to agree with each other, but they do need to learn to respectfully disagree. Teach students to express their opinions and listen to each other with respect using this quick strategy from Sherwanda Chism.

Step Back

Step Back

In order to truly learn how to get along with each other and think independently, students often need us to step back. We can do this more readily when we’ve established a strong class culture in our classroom. Watch one example of stepping back here.

Looking for more?

Watch these videos to see student collaboration in action:

Teachers Collaborate with Teachers

Be An Example!

Collaborate with colleagues and talk about it with students. Check out our great resource library on teacher collaboration for inspiration.

Among all of this learning messiness, however, is the comforting feeling that I am not on this journey alone. I have an incredible network of educators that help me learn and get better every single day.” Read more...

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