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What Is Coaching?

As an instructional coach, you have the opportunity to support teachers and help them raise student achievement. But, as with teaching, how we can best help teachers varies based on individual needs.

Essential Questions

In this Deep Dive, we’ll explore different ways to support teachers through coaching. We’ll dive into the areas of the coaching cycle — assess, plan, teach, reflect — and consider how you can maximize the impact of each step. Let’s get started!

Video Resources

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Josh Parker and Marquis Colquit

Video Lounge: The Teacher-Centered Pre-Observation Meeting

Tch Laureate Josh Parker invites us to watch his pre-observation meeting with new teacher Marquis Colquitt. What can we learn from observing Josh’s coaching practice? Watch this interactive video, add your thoughts, and see what your colleagues are saying.

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“In any effective teaching and learning environment, feedback is the foundation for progress and change. This deep dive culls the current research to provide capacity-building resources for anyone involved in the evaluation and professional development of teachers. Getting and giving feedback are two sides of an emotional coin. This deep dive serves to help you manage the improvement process in such a way that emotions don't cloud judgment and that the needs of the student remain at the heart of what we judge our effectiveness by."

— Tch Laureate Josh Parker

The coaching model is different from the traditional conception of pedagogy, where there’s a presumption that, after a certain point, the student no longer needs instruction.

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