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Teaching Channel Deaper Learning
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Deeper Learning and CCSS

By Erika Nielsen Andrew March 21, 2014

As Common Core assessments nip at our heels, it will be tempting to drill into the standards so deeply we lose our beacon of light. We must also remain grounded in the bigger picture of the Core, and our ultimate hopes for students. Through our new Deeper Learning series, you’ll see key strategies and ideas you can take away for tomorrow, but you’ll also see images of the end game up close. Over and over, these videos create imagery of students reasoning, taking ownership, having determination, and showing distinctive poise and pride in their demonstration of quality work.

Illuminating student thinking and deep engagement through authentic, relevant tasks and projects, these videos provide a refreshing look at our hopes actualized -- providing a moment to reconcile the details of standards implementation with the deep ideas of the Common Core. They will remind you of "the why" and fill you with imagination, energy, and enough enthusiasm to keep doing what we know is best for students.

As you watch these videos, ask yourself:
* What do students look like who demonstrate their Common Core competency?
* What do students look like who are excited and engaged by their success and contribution?

Check out this starter playlist and think about the intersection of CCSS and Deeper Learning:

Video Resources

1. Engaging Students in Work That Matters (High Tech High)
At High Tech High, students engage in real-world projects for an authentic audience. When students are communicating, critiquing, and revising their thinking, their work aligns with the Common Core State Standards.

2. Individualized Real-World Learning (Big Picture Learning)
At Big Picture Learning, students engage in internships to learn real-world, individualized skills and content. Though the connections to the CCSS aren't explicit in this video, the strong conceptual understanding inherent in the CCSS is evident here.

3. Teaching as a Team Sport (New Visions)
At New Visions for Public Schools, teachers provide rigorous instruction for New York City’s highest-need students. In this video, we see teachers collaborating to create Common Core aligned math lessons. It's great to see students tackling both content and practice standards through engaging experience.

4. Challenge at the Heart of Deeper Learning (Expeditionary Learning)
At Expeditionary Learning, students build academic courage and perseverance with support from their teachers. Watch how students are encouraged to persist through challenges, think about how these skills relate to the practices and content in the CCSS.