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Growth Mindset & Deeper Learning

By Erika Nielsen Andrew April 8, 2014

The first time I read Carol Dweck’s book Mindset, I immediately visualized a series of dominoes falling. That is what the simplest ideas do. You can hold the idea completely in your mind’s eye, and yet simultaneously see everything on the verge of changing. In the world of education where new ideas churn constantly, growth mindset has the power to stick and transform how we think, act and talk in ways that propel students powerfully into their future.

The idea of growth mindset is believing that abilities and intelligence are not inherent nor fixed, but can be developed through dedication and hard work. If we apply growth mindset to ourselves as teachers, we stand to do what we crave more than anything -- to learn from each other and get stronger together.

Carol Dweck has partnered with Teaching Channel to connect her research to examples in practice from our Deeper Learning Series, helping us learn how to cultivate a growth mindset in students. Listen closely to what teachers say in these videos and the resulting behavior in students. It will remind you of your finest moments in teaching, when students feel proud, efficacious, persistent and determined.

Video Resources

1. Growth Mindset & Performance Assessment
A Defense of Deeper Learning
Student Profile: Portfolio Defense
Carol Dweck on Performance Assessment

In the videos from Envision Education, we see students presenting their learning in a College Success Portfolio Defense. Dweck helps us connect this performance assessment to the development of a growth mindset. By reflecting on the struggle and successes of high school, students demonstrate their mastery of academic content and an academic, growth mindset.

2. Growth Mindset & Personalized Learning Plans
Deeper Learning Through Personalized Learning Plans
Student Profile: A Personalized Experience
Carol Dweck on Individualized Learning

At EdVisions, challenge is embraced as students make their way through their personalized learning plans. Dweck helps us see how praising process and perseverance creates a growth mindset and helps student persist through challenges.

3. Growth Mindset & Struggle
Challenge at the Heart of Deeper Learning
Student Profile: Gaining Academic Courage
Carol Dweck on Struggle

The motto of Expeditionary Learning is "Work Hard, Get Smart. Be Nice." Dweck explains that the idea of working hard to get smart is the same ideas as a growth mindset. By persisting to take risks and persevering to meet big goals, students develop academic courage and motivation.

4. Growth Mindset & Linked Learning
Deeper Learning Through Linked Learning
Student Profile: A STEM Learner
Carol Dweck on Linked Learning

At Connect ED, students participate in Linked Learning as a way to connect strong academics with real-world experience. Dweck shares how a growth mindset can support integrated learning as students see how people work together across subject areas to solve problems and meet goals.