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The 50+ videos in this series showcase 10 Deeper Learning networks that are preparing students for success -- they collectively serve more than 500 schools and 227,000 students.

Meet students and teachers who exemplify what can happen when the Common Core is approached with innovative teaching models that emphasize real-world experience, academic mindsets, and collaborative project work.

We hope their work inspires you, and sparks new ideas for helping students think critically, and communicate powerfully about their classes, their own learning, and who they are becoming in the world.

Don't miss a special introduction by educator and author Tony Wagner. And look for expert commentary by Carol Dweck, Kathleen Cushman, and Milton Chen. They share why this movement is fundamentally changing outcomes in education.

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Asia Society

Asia Society (5)

Watch: Global Competency, Project-Based Learning

Big Picture Learning

Big Picture Learning (5)

Watch: Internships, Authentic Assessments


ConnectEd (5)

Watch: Real-World Experiences, Interdisciplinarity Projects


EdVisions Schools (5)

Watch: Personalized Learning Plans, Student-Teacher Relationships


Envision Education (5)

Watch: Performance Assessments, Real-World Projects

Expeditionary Learning

Expeditionary Learning (5)

Watch: Learning by Doing, Perseverance

High Tech High

High Tech High (5)

Watch: Performance-Based Assessment, Real-World Experiences

Internationals Network

Internationals Network For Public Schools (5)

Watch: Project-Based Learning for English Language Learners

New Tech Network

New Tech Network (6)

Watch: Project-Based Learning, Building Strong Relationships

New Visions

New Visions for Public Schools (5)

Watch: Professional Development and Coaching

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