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English Language Learners
How do I promote writing in any content area that I teach?

Just as we do with reading, speaking, and listening, it’s important to integrate the development of writing skills throughout the day and in every content area. And, it’s important to provide structures and supports to help all of your writers grow, especially your English Language Learners. Explore the resources on this page to learn more about promoting writing in your class. Have questions? Be sure to ask them in the Q&A!

Watch how Viet-ly Nguyen uses discussion to help students analyze the text and prepare for writing.
Watch how fifth graders discuss and brainstorm before writing.
In this video, teacher Andrea Culver explains how she uses quick, informal writing activities to help her students process information.
Watch this video to see how high school English teacher Johanna Paraiso uses a quick write as part of her scaffolding towards an academic conversation.
Jumpstart your students’ writing with sentence stems.
Try using manipulatives to help students visualize an essay structure.
Students at ENLACE Academy use a claims, evidence, reasoning structure in their academic writing.
Students at ENLACE use these same text structures in their math class.
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