Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Teaching Channel?
We are a nonprofit video showcase -- on the Internet and TV -- of inspiring and effective teaching practices in America's schools.

How is Teaching Channel funded?
Teaching Channel has received seed funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well as the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Does it cost anything to be a member of Teaching Channel?
No. We are a free resource for all teachers

What is a featured teacher and how do I become one?
A featured teacher is someone who has a video on our site in which he or she teaches a specific subject or topic to students. To be considered for filming, email us your lesson idea, lesson plan and a few photos of your class to

How does Teaching Channel choose what to film?
We are always looking for effective, replicable and inspiring teaching. We respond to recommendations from our Education Advisor Team, our specialist advisors and you.

How do I know the video I'm watching is aligned with the new Common Core State Standards?
Videos labeled "Lesson Idea Common Core" are Common Core aligned. If you click on a Common Core video, under the title and description, you can see the standards aligned with that lesson. Simply "mouse over" the standard abbreviation and a window will open with information about the standard. If you have questions or suggestions about the alignment of a particular lesson, please email us at

If you don't have videos in my area of interest, may I suggest topics for more videos?
We are always looking for suggestions and guidance for what you would like to see on our site. Please email your suggestions to If we do not have a video you're searching for, we recommend visiting

Can I get a transcript in a different language?
Not at this time.

Has Teaching Channel won any awards or otherwise been recognized?
Yes! We are proud to say that Teaching Channel has won a number of awards and been recognized for its website design and overall innovative practices. They include the following:

Site Use Questions

How do I register for or log in to Teaching Channel?
On the upper-right side of the page, click "Sign up," then "Create a new account" and fill out a profile. If you are a returning user, just click "Log in" and then "I have a Tch account."

How can I access my account if I forget my password?
Simply click on "Forgot?" to the right of "Password" on the "Log in" page. Then click on "Send Me Reset Password Instructions." You will receive instructions by email on how to reset your password.

How can I edit my profile?
To edit your profile, follow these steps:
- Log in to your Tch account.
- Click on "My Workspace" in the upper-right corner of your screen.
- When your workspace appears, click on "Edit My Profile" below the profile picture area.
- Click on any area you want to edit and enter your changes.
- When you are done, click "Save Changes" in the upper-right quadrant of your workspace. Your newly updated information will appear.

How do I change my email address?
Go to Account Settings in your Teaching Channel Workspace, and you will see an area to input your email address. Simply type in the email address you wish to use, and Save Changes.

How can I change my profile picture?
To change your profile picture, follow these steps:
- Log in to your Tch account.
- Click on "My Workspace" in the upper-right corner of your screen.
- When your workspace appears, click on "Edit My Profile" below your profile picture.
- In the upper left of your photo, click on "Change Photo -- Edit."
- Click on "Choose File."
- Choose a photo on your computer and click on "Update Photo" in the upper-right quadrant of your workspace.
- Your new photo will appear.

How do I search for videos?
There are two ways to search for videos:

-- On the left side of the homepage is a navigation column with the categories "Subjects," "Grades," and "Topics." Under these headings, click on any subtopic and all Tch videos that pertain to your interest will appear to the right.

-- At the top of the page is a navigation bar with a search box in it. Click inside the search box and enter the subject, grade, topic, keyword, or teacher you are searching for. All Tch videos pertaining to your search will appear below.

How can I post a comment on a video?
To post a comment on a video, simply log in and scroll below the video to where you see "Discussion" and your profile photo. Click on "Add your comment to the discussion" and post your thoughts.

How does Notes work?
Tch Notes is an innovative way to share ideas on videos with other teachers. You must be logged in to use this feature. When you're watching a video, simply click on "Notes" to the right of the video box, then click on "Add Notes" to begin. Start writing your comments. They will be saved with a time stamp that matches where you are in the video. To add more notes, click on the "Add Notes" button. You can also share the video with your notes attached with other teachers by clicking the arrow below your comments.

How can I share my videos with friends, colleagues or others?
To share your videos, click on "Share Video with Friends" on the top right hand side of your video page, then click on whichever social media source you want to use or just send via email. There is also a box to add a comment.

How and why do I "follow" other teachers?
To follow a teacher, simply click on the "+" sign on their profile picture or page. When you follow a teacher, you can see videos that they like and exchange ideas to help benefit your teaching practices.

How do I find teachers like me?
Type in key words in "Search" or break down your search by subject or grade level on the navigation bar on the left of our homepage.

How can I propose my lesson idea and become a potential featured teacher?
To be considered for filming, email us your lesson idea, lesson plan and a few photos of your class to

How can I get alerts on videos that I want to see?
Go to your Account Settings located in your Workspace. Check the box next to "Notify me when there is new video that matches my interests" which corresponds to the interests you've marked under "Teaching Interests" on the Edit My Profile area of your Workspace.

How do I sign up for the Tch Newsletter?
Click on the Newsletter link located on the top right of any page. Click on the Sign Up Now button to navigate to the Account Settings page of your Workspace, then check the Newsletter Sign Up box.

How do I find Teaching Channel's blog?
Click here to find our blog Tchers' Voice. The blog features posts from National Teacher of the Year, Sarah Brown Wessling. Our Chief Academic Officer, Pat Wasley is also a frequent contributor. Tchers' Voice focuses on several topics including classroom experiences, practical and tactical information for teachers, and ongoing updates about the development of Teaching Channel. The blog is designed to keep our Tch community informed and to provide an open dialogue with our members.

What is the Tch Lesson Planner?
The Tch Lesson Planner is a tool for saving videos to your workspace for later viewing, or saving a video and scheduling it using our calendar tool. You can also have reminders emailed to you for viewing a video at a later date, and add notes to what you've saved. Learn all about the Lesson Planner by watching a short video.

What is the "Save to Tch" button?
The Save to Tch button allows you to save anything you find useful for your classroom from anywhere on the web to your Tch Workspace, along with a link back to the item for easy reference. You can even schedule what you save, send an email reminder to yourself, and add notes on what you found. The button takes just a minute to install. You can find all the details for the Save to Tch button here.

Technical Problems with Site

How can I report a problem or error on the website?
Please let us know if you experience any problems or errors on our website by clicking on the black Feedback button located on the right side of every page and let us know the problem you're experiencing. It's helpful if you include your operating system, browser, and browser version.

Why does the video stop and start continuously when I press play?
This can happen if you are in an area where internet service is spotty. Unfortunately, it is beyond our control.

I am trying to watch the videos using my school network, why aren't they playing?
If you are trying to watch Teaching Channel videos from your school or organizations' network, it is possible that your access to the videos is being blocked. Reach out to your technology department and explain that you are trying to watch videos from Our videos are hosted by, which may be blocked by your network's firewall. Other sites you may need to unblock or whitelist include and the Akamai serving domain rtmp:// It also helps to update to the most recent version of Adobe's Flash player.

What are the recommended software requirements for using Teaching Channel's website?
While we have designed Teaching Channel to work across a variety of browsers and operating systems, in general, we recommend using one the following combinations of operating systems and web browsers:

  • Windows: Windows 7 or Windows 8 along with either: 1) Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or later; 2) the latest version of Google Chrome; or 3) the latest version of Mozilla Firefox
  • MacOS: OSX (Lion or Mountain Lion) along with either: 1) the latest version of Apple Safari; 2) the latest version of Google Chrome; or 3) the latest version of Mozilla Firefox
  • iOS (for iPhone, iPad): iOS version 6 along with either: 1) the latest version of Apple Safari; or 2) the latest version of Google Chrome
  • For all other operating systems, including Android and Linux, we recommend using the latest version of the OS along with the latest version of Google Chrome, where available.

In all cases, we recommend installing the latest version of Adobe Flash. If you are using other combinations of operating systems and browsers and/or older versions of software, you may encounter occasional bugs or irregularities.

If you need further assistance, please send a support ticket to us by clicking the black Feedback button located on the right side of every page.


What is your privacy policy?
At Teaching Channel, we take your privacy very seriously and want to ensure your safety and satisfaction. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy page at

How does Teaching Channel protect the privacy of students in a video?
We never film any student without the written consent of a parent or legal guardian.

Is my email address safe?
Yes. Your email is for official use only. We will not sell your information to any outside source or vendor.