What is formative assessment?

We can’t get to an end goal without knowing where we are in relation to it. And, our path to a goal often takes adjusting. How does this translate to the classroom? Formative assessment is a practice you can use daily to monitor learning and adjust instruction in order to make progress towards goals. It’s essential to helping students lead, assess, and continue making progress towards their own learning.

You may wonder, with everything I have to teach, how do I have time to engage students in this practice? Well, it’s actually easier than you may think. As high school math teacher April Pforts explains in her blog post, once you get started, formative assessment becomes a natural part of the teaching and learning process. It can be as simple as an exit ticket to as complex as a full set of lessons. And lucky for you, whether you’re an expert or new to the practice, we’re here to help!

Take a look at the resources below to get started.

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