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Growth Mindset | Exploring What A Growth Mindset Is

What is a growth mindset?

You've probably heard about the importance of having a growth mindset, but what exactly does that mean? Let’s start by reading this quote from Carissa Romero’s Tch blog post:

“People with a fixed mindset believe intelligence is innate. This belief can make school a threatening place. It becomes a place to go to learn how smart you are — or how smart you’re not. People with a growth mindset, on the other hand, believe intelligence can be developed. For these students, school can be an exciting place, as it provides them with an opportunity to learn and develop their intelligence.”

Let's help make school an exciting place for all learners by modeling and teaching about growth mindset. Start by diving into the questions below or take a look at the resources on this page. Let’s grow our brains together as we learn, ask questions, and share our experiences around this exciting topic.

Essential Questions

Ready to dive into our growth mindset resources? Start with these essential questions or skip ahead to the resources below.

Have questions? Ask Marion Ivey!

Hello, my name is Marion Ivey. I look forward to working with you on growth mindset for this Teaching Channel Deep Dive. I have been and continue to work on growth mindset in my professional practice. I can’t wait to hear about your challenges as it relates to growth mindset so we can work through them together.

Want to connect with Marion about growth mindset? Post a question in Q&A or send her a tweet @Mrs_Ivey_says.

More about Marion 

Video Lounge: Success Criteria & Peer Feedback in Kindergarten

In this interactive video, Laureate Marion Ivey takes us inside her kindergarten classroom where she’s working on using success criteria to help students give targeted peer feedback. Add your thoughts and see what your colleagues are saying.

For more interactive videos on Growth Mindset, click here.

Video Lounge: Three Principles to Guide Student Feedback

Watch this interactive video and see how students develop growth mindsets through peer feedback in Ms. Gampel’s classroom. Let’s learn together!

Check it out!

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