Teaching Channel Guide to
Growth Mindset
How can I help my students develop a growth mindset?
You can’t just tell your students to have a growth mindset or to just try harder. Instead, you need to teach them about it, model it, and a create a classroom that supports it through daily growth mindset practices. Take a look at this page for great resources to get started. And don’t go on this journey alone. Read how Tch Laureate Marion Ivey started her own growth mindset journey with her students, colleagues, and the Teaching Channel Community, and be inspired to share your own journey and ask questions so that we all get better together.
Learn how to talk to your students about the science behind it with this set of lessons from The Mindset Kit. You can even have your students take this simple growth mindset assessment.
Read this blog post to learn how teacher Maricela-Montoy Wilson talks to her students about growth mindset and creates a class culture that supports it.
Watch this video to see how challenging work helps students develop a growth mindset.
Watch how teacher Madeline Noonan encourages her students to persevere when faced with challenging tasks.
Number talks are a great way to encourage students to consider trying new strategies in math. Watch this video to see one in action.
In this blog post, Ryan McCarty shares how to remove the stigma from struggle when teaching literacy skills.
Watch this video for tips on how to praise the process, not the person.
Even the smallest of words matter. Watch this video for tips on how to make sure your language empowers and includes all learners.
Watch how Marion Ivey helps her students give and receive peer feedback in order to improve their writing.
Watch how Sean McComb gives his students personalized and customized feedback to suppprt their independent learning.
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