Success at the Core Leadership Module

Success at the Core

is a professional development toolkit for teachers and leadership teams, designed collaboratively by Education Development Center (EDC), which designs, implements, and evaluates programs to improve education, health, and economic opportunity worldwide, and Vulcan Productions, Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Paul G. Allen’s award-winning film company. Original materials were funded by Vulcan Productions, Inc. and are used with permission.

Leadership Development Module

Implementing New Programs

Schools are constantly launching new programs to enhance teaching and learning. To help these programs succeed, leadership teams must understand how implementation works. Once they do, they can share their knowledge within the school. This makes it easier for other teams and teachers to navigate the process so that, in the end, new programs impact student achievement. In this module, your leadership team will build a shared understanding of the implementation process; explore how teachers can move through each phase of this process; and identify how it can advocate for new program implementation.

Reflection Questions:
As you prepare to explore this module's resources, consider:
• How supported do teachers feel when tasked with implementing a new program at our school?
• Why do we need to understand the implementation phases that teachers move through as they use a new program?
• What role can our leadership teams (including schoolwide, content, and grade-level teams) play in insuring successful program implementation?

Video Resources

1. Launching a New Program
To align with its school improvement plan, Chimacum Middle School adopts a new outdoor, experiential longboat program. Take a look at how teachers collaborate to integrate the program with classroom curriculum and evaluate its impact on student learning.

2. Implementing a New Curriculum
See how English Language Arts teachers at Shaw Middle School receive a range of support during the implementation of the new Springboard program. Teacher leaders and coaches attend workshops and orientation sessions to learn about the program and then train their colleagues.

3. Implementing New Instructional Strategies
This video shows how the math content team at Sylvester Middle School supports the implementation of accessibility strategies by: talking about implementation in team meetings, co-planning a lesson which used the strategies, and participating in a demonstration lesson and debrief.

Dig Deeper
  • Module Handouts
    Handouts designed for teams working through the module together. They include reflection sheets, readings, and group exercises.
  • Facilitator Guide
    This guide allows an in-house facilitator to lead a team through the module’s learning experience.