Geneviève DeBose

Bronx Studio School, Bronx, New York


Geneviève is an educator, artist, and activist who has taught middle school for over a decade. She is a proud National Board Certified Teacher and U.S. Department of Education Teaching Ambassador Fellow. Geneviève strongly believes that education is a tool for social justice and empowerment and that learning experiences for children should be culturally relevant, student-centered, and interactive. She started her teaching career as a 1999 Teach for America corps member and currently serves as a commissioner on the National Commission on Teaching and America's Future. Geneviève is a 7th grade English Language Arts teacher at Bronx Studio School for Writers and Artists in New York City. Connect with Geneviève on Twitter: @GenevieveDeBose.


What Does it Mean to Be a Scholar-Activist?
Check out Geneviève’s Vlog series about her middle school unit on Scholar Activism.

Even If It's Something Small: Students Reflect On Election 2016 From The South Bronx
Even if we can only do something small, it's better to act than do nothing at all. - Sydney Smith. Geneviève reflects with her students the day after Election 2016.

I’m Welcoming the End of Summer
See the many reasons why Geneviève is looking forward to a year full of beauty, deep breaths and breakthroughs.

Getting Better Together: Meeting The Needs of Diverse Learners
Geneviève employs various resources to help her meet diverse needs and support all learners to succeed.

Getting Better Together: 10 Tips For Meeting The Needs of Diverse Learners
Geneviève shares the lessons she's learned from the first half of the year.

#TchLIVE: Meeting The Needs of Diverse Learners
Geneviève leads a conversation around meeting the needs of all learners.

Getting Better Together: Meeting Students Where They Are
Geneviève kicks off her Getting Better Together work, which focuses on meeting the needs of diverse learners.

Supporting Students with Targeted Instruction
In this interactive video, Geneviève uses small group instruction to teach her middle school students about determining main events in books.

Getting Better Together: Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners
Genevieve DeBose and Linda Aldebot use stations to provide tailored instruction to students.

Remember it with a Bookmark
Genevieve provides students with reading tips in the form of a bookmark.

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Teaching Channel Laureates define what getting better together means to them.