Josh Parker

Paul Laurence Dunbar Senior High School, Washington, DC


Josh Parker is a 2013 NEA Global Fellow and the 2012 Maryland Teacher of the Year. He serves the students and staff of Paul Laurence Dunbar Senior High School in Washington, D.C. as an Instructional Coach. He is a proud board member of the National Network of State Teachers of the Year. Connect with Josh on Twitter: @MDTOY2012.


Getting Better Together: A Climate for Great Practice: Collaborating for Student Success
Josh explores 3 questions that will help you create a climate for great practice in your school.

Six Ways To Improve Your Practice In The Teacher Off-Season
Josh identifies six core professional learning activities that will help teachers reflect and improve their practice over the summer.

Getting Better Together: Big Ideas Need Big Spaces: Creating Room for Teacher Voice and Choice
Josh discovers the life of an instructional coach is a balancing act, but what is clear is that improvement of teaching is best realized when teachers are involved in the conversation, rather than summoned to the table.

Getting Better Together: Supporting Great Teaching: A Tangible Vision of Excellence
Josh describes what he has learned about great teaching and provides a few practical tips for you to follow as you create your own vision of excellence.

#TeacherLove: They Helped Me to Make My Own "Why" Matter
Josh honors six special Dr.s with this Teacher Appreciation Poem that gets to the root of why we learn, live, and lead.

#TchLIVE: Verve and Verse--Unlocking The Power Of Poetry
In honor of National Poetry Month, Josh leads a #TchLIVE Twitter conversation on the power of poetry in the English Language Arts classroom.

Getting Better Together: Supporting Great Teaching: Overcoming Obstacles
When it comes to supporting great teaching, empathy is a key first step in overcoming obstacles. Learn how Josh steps into the teacher's shoes before making judgments.

Getting Better Together: Supporting Great Teaching: Creating Systems for Development
Josh embarks on the journey of becoming an instructional coach.

#TchLIVE: A New Vision Of Culturally Relevant Teaching
Josh leads a conversation around culturally relevant teaching.

Transforming Practice Through Coaching
Watch Josh as he takes you through the entire coaching cycle, from identifying what to focus on, the observation process, and post-observation session.

Building Coaching Relationships
Josh underscores the importance of the human dynamic when it comes to relationships and why relationship building is central to effective coaching.

Coaching for Equity
This video demonstrates Josh's commitment to growing the expertise and pedagogical skill of teachers and why he believes it's closely tied to improving instructional outcomes for students.

Meet the Tch Laureate Bunch
Teaching Channel Laureates define what getting better together means to them.