Marion Ivey

Longfellow Elementary School, Oak Park, IL


Marion is a kindergarten teacher in Oak Park, Illinois. She has been teaching since 1992, most of that time in kindergarten. Marion is a member of the Illinois Writing Project and the Collaboration for Early Childhood. She currently teaches full day kindergarten at Longfellow Elementary School. Connect with Marion on Twitter: @Mrs_Ivey_says.


I #LoveTeaching: My Students Are My Greatest Gifts
Join Marion in celebrating the teaching profession and sharing with the world through #LoveTeaching.

Getting Better Together: Growth Mindset: Rephrasing Praise
Marion leads a conversation to explore how we can rephrase praise in the classroom to help students develop a growth mindset.

Getting Better Together: Growth Mindset Chat: A #TchLIVE Professional Learning Community
Marion launches a new Twitter PLC dedicated to exploring activities, practices, and shifts that foster growth mindset in all individuals.

Getting Better Together: Growth Through Feedback
Watch as Marion uses clear learning targets and success criteria to help her Kindergarten students develop a growth mindset.

6 Things You Can Do Right Now To Promote Unity In Your Classroom
In response to divisive current events, Marion offers six strategies for promoting unity in the classroom to help our students begin to create a better world today.

#TeacherLove: Love Looks Like Time, Tenderness, and “Toddler Fridays”
Marion honors a dear friend and mentor with a tribute during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Getting Better Together: Revisiting Growth Mindset
A group of teachers, led by Marion, decided to try out suggestions to help their students embrace a growth mindset. Watch their conversation.

#TchLive: Growth Mindset
Marion explores her questions and challenges with growth mindset.

Getting Better Together: High Expectations Teaching
Marion realizes that when she sets higher expectations, her students always meet them.

Getting Better Together: Family Conferences
Marion includes the whole family — including her students — in her conferences.

Getting Better Together: Moving From I Can’t To I Can’t Yet
Marion launches her journey toward teaching a growth mindset.

Success Criteria & Peer Feedback in Kindergarten
In this interactive video, Marion takes us inside her kindergarten classroom where she’s working with her students on using success criteria to give peer feedback.

Growing from Peer Feedback
Marion uses goal setting and targeted peer feedback to help her students persist in the face of challenges.

Targeted Learning with Success Criteria
Marion uses criteria for feedback to help young learners give targeted feedback to their peers.

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