Introducing the Laureate Team


There’s no better way for teachers to improve their practice than by learning from and with other teachers. To help lead the way in this kind of Getting Better Together effort, Teaching Channel has assembled a group of Laureates from across the nation who reflect the diversity of experiences and situations that make up public education today. Over the course of the 2015-2016 school year, the teachers on this Laureate Team plan to make visible their own problems of practice, and some will even be tinkering with the Common Core. They invite you to help them analyze their work, make refinements, and test out improvements. With the ultimate goal of supporting our young people to achieve at the highest levels possible.

Join them in their respective journeys here, via the links to their individual pages below, and at the Teaching Channel blog. Contribute your knowledge and expertise by adding comments to their blogs, joining live events like Twitter chats and Google Hangouts on Air, and engaging in collaborative online spaces such as Teaching Channel Plus (Tch Plus). We’d love to hear what you’re working on, too. Together, we’ll document what it looks like when we tinker with our practice and co-create knowledge about what works for our students. Let’s Get Better Together this year!

Thanks to a generous grant from the Helmsley Charitable Trust, we’re proud to introduce our Tch Laureate Team:


The Laureates


Sean McComb

High School English
Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts
Baltimore County, MD

The truth is that our students make the choice to opt in to learning completely, or not, every single day, and teachers often have the power to determine which way that decision goes. To meet that challenge is a worthy, demanding calling that drives me to constantly improve.


Geneviève DeBose

7th Grade Language Arts
Bronx Studio School
Bronx, NY

As a teacher, I’m passionate about ensuring that black and brown students from low-income communities have access to experienced and accomplished teachers. I’m passionate about creating positive change for and with my students, my colleagues, and our community.

Marion Ivey

Longfellow Elementary School
Oak Park, IL

Each year, as I anticipate meeting my new bunch of kindergarteners, I’m excited thinking about how much we will learn and grow together. The start of the year is a great time for establishing the culture and community of our classroom. It sets the stage for the growth and risk taking that we'll do during the course of our year together.


Kristin Gray

K-5 Math Specialist
Richard A. Shields Elementary
Cape Henlopen, DE

As a teacher, I’m passionate about being genuinely curious each day. Curious about the content I teach, the way in which I teach it, and most importantly about the work my students do. Understanding there is thinking and reasoning behind every piece of work and conversation that my students are involved with allows me to create effective learning experiences in my classroom.

Crystal Morey

Middle School Math
Enumclaw Middle School
Enumclaw, WA

Continuous learning drives my work as a teacher. When I have "ah-ha" moments, I then can’t wait to see those same moments of enthusiasm shine through in every one of my students.


Tom Jenkins

Middle School Science/STEM
Greenon Jr/Sr High School
Enon, OH

I want to make a difference in the world of science education. Science is something that should be immersive and experiential. Unfortunately, in the past, many educators have not treated it as such and have missed out on a chance to engage as well as inspire students. I hope to leverage the chaos caused by the shift towards NGSS to change the way things are done in many places.

Joshua Kwon

High School Math
Mariner High School
Everett, WA

I could have been a doctor. I could have been a lawyer. I could have been a writer or a musician. Those are all good professions. But imagine this instead. As a teacher, I can help to create thousands of doctors, thousands of lawyers, thousands of writers, or thousands of fill-in-the-blank. This is my passion: to create the faces of our next future leaders, and to teach students how to be functional members of our community. Now that is what I call greatness.


Maria Perryman

6th Grade Literacy
Armstrong Elementary School
Chicago, IL

As a teacher I’m very passionate about making sure my students leave my classroom with a love and appreciation for reading. My challenge every year is to increase the number of students that gain a love for reading!

Josh Parker

Instructional Coach
Paul Laurence Dunbar Senior High School
Washington, DC

My life's motto is to help people and solve problems. Therefore it fuels me to co-create learning experiences that engage students and colleagues in meaningful instruction. It's in this creative space that I can leverage relationships built with teachers and students to create authentic learning experiences over the course of a year.


Sarah Brown Wessling

High School English
Johnston High School
Johnston, IA

I teach because the young adults I work with question and challenge me, because they inspire and remind me, and because for all of their confusion and angst, they teach me to be a better human.

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