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Our strategies, tools and techniques that produce immediate results in the classroom. 1,000+ videos help your teachers…

  • Understand what effective teaching looks like
  • Feel inspired to bring new content to their classrooms
  • Adapt to new standards and frameworks
  • Be agents of their own enrichment and change

Help your teachers get better at teaching--no matter where they are in their careers.

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What's available?
Over 1,000 award-winning videos that feature real-life teaching in classrooms that crisscross the U.S.--on topics ranging from fractions to classroom management. They cover all subjects and grades, and are tied to standards and assessments.

In addition, our premium Uncut Library includes 150 feature-length films. Each one contains 30-45 uninterrupted minutes in the classroom. These resources are unparalleled for calibration, observation, and training.

What are the costs associated with licensing?

Costs vary depending on the number of videos being licensed, and on the number of teachers who will access them. One year of access to the full Teaching Channel Library is available for:

Fewer than 1,000 users = $45 per user
1,000 - 10,000 users = $35 per user
More than 10,000 users = $30 per user

If you would like to license a smaller set of videos or would like to learn more about our special packages, please contact

How can we use the videos once we purchase them?

Once you purchase the licenses, Teaching Channel will provide you with secure links for your users to access -- either embedded on your current PD, LMS or other web-based system, or as standalone pages.

 What if I only need a certain segment of the video?

We can connect you with our expert production team to help meet your needs.