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How do I develop a positive classroom culture?

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Many new teachers worry about creating a positive class culture. Should you be kind or firm? Is it okay to smile before December? We’re here to help you create a class culture that feels good to you and your students. Remember that creating a positive culture takes time, so try not to get discouraged as you stay the course.

Creating a Positive Classroom Culture

When taking a glimpse into other people’s classrooms, it can seem like they’ve got it all figured out. But behind every successful classroom is lots and lots of time spent building a strong class culture. Watch how Jen Saul explains how she creates a positive classroom community.

Define and Build Your Class Culture

Class culture is built on relationships. Read this blog to learn six ways to build positive relationships with students.

How can you balance managing a crazy class while still getting through the content you’ve planned to teach?” Read more...

Involve Your Students in the Process

Building a strong class culture is a collaborative effort. When students are involved in creating classroom expectations, they’ll be more invested in following them. In this video, check out how one teacher uses the Tribes method to create a positive learning environment.

Building Strong Class Culture All Year Long

It’s important to start building a positive class culture from Day 1. But culture is never something that’s going to get completely checked off your list. It’s important to keep working on it all year long. Read this blog about how to build strong class culture all year long and think about what you can do at the beginning, middle, and end of the year.

Over time I learned that culture is something learned, that we have to work at it, that I have to speak it in order to live it.” Read more...

Watch and Learn

Looking for more ways to build positive class culture? Check out our video collection devoted to this topic.

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