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What can I do to prepare for my first year of teaching?

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New Teacher Survival Guide

You’ve got a job. Now what? It’s time to start the countdown to your first year of teaching. We’ve got a series of blogs and resources that will walk you through how to get ready for your first year. Let’s get started!

You’ve Got a Job. Now What?

Begin by exploring your school, meeting colleagues, and gathering curricular materials to dive into over the summer.

Classroom Setup

Now you’re ready to think about exactly what you’ll need in your classroom. The first step is to get the lay of the land. What’s in your classroom already? What do you think you could scrounge up at your school site? What resources will you have to get elsewhere? Follow the steps in this blog to get moving on creating your dream classroom.

What Are You Teaching?

You’ve seen your classroom. You’ve gathered materials. Now what exactly are you supposed to teach? Read this blog and spend some time digging into grade level expectations. Then watch this video and think about what kinds of essential questions your students should be able to answer by the end of the year.

New Teacher Survival Guide: Planning

Now that you’ve figured out what students need to learn, it’s time to dive into planning. Begin by watching this video.

“The job of a teacher is never done, and it’s important to set goals, prioritize, and focus.” Read more...

To go deeper with planning, visit this page for loads more videos and resources.

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