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How do I get started with planning?

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New Teacher Survival Guide

It’s time to consider one of the most rewarding and endless parts of being a teacher: planning. Thinking about planning can be daunting, but we’re here to help you get started!

New Teacher Survival Guide: Planning

Begin by watching this video, and see a new teacher go step by step through planning a day's lesson.

I believe that thinking deeply about each step of a lesson prepares teachers for success. I don’t just ask teachers to write up lesson plans because I want to know what will happen in their lessons; I ask them to write lesson plans because they learn through writing.”

Completed Lesson Plans

Looking for completed lesson and unit plans? Check out these resources from the NEA, Universal Design for Learning, and many more.

Writing Your Own Lesson Plans

Ready to start planning your own lessons? Learn about the essential components you'll need to include and where to find the best tools and templates.

Trying to Sort Out Standards?

You're not alone! Watch these quick videos to learn about the math and ELA Common Core State Standards.

If you’re wanting to get started with the Next Generation Science Standards, visit our NGSS Deep Dive.

Watch and Learn

Sometimes the best way to learn about planning is to watch other teachers doing it. Check out our complete collection of planning videos.

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