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Guide To The Next Generation Science Standards

What's New on the NGSS?

We have a great video playlist of  Ecosystems: An NGSS-Designed Unit, where you an access the free downloadable unit on Achieve's Website. This can be a great way to see three-dimensional learning in action and then enact it in your classroom! Also, learn about OpenSciEd, an open-educational resource provider, which will host a collection of K-12 instructional materials.

See what blogs our teacher leaders have produced and take a look inside Meg Richard's classroom to see how she usesActive Learning: A Science Strategy for Sensemaking.

Essential Questions

No matter how familiar you are (or aren’t!) with the NGSS, we’ve got resources for you. Click on the essential questions below to learn about specific areas of the NGSS or check out the resource libraries further down. Let’s dive in and start learning!

Video Lounge: Scientific Modeling With Young Students

Enter Kaia Tomokiyo’s Kindergarten class to see scientific modeling in action as part of this interactive video experience.

Check it out!

Our NGSS Tcher Leaders

Here are some of the educators who are helping to lead and shape our vision for this NGSS Deep Dive:

Tom Jenkins

Tom Jenkins - Boeing Science Laureate: "Science is something that should be immersive and experiential. Don't missed out on a chance to engage, as well as inspire students."

More about Tom

NGSS Squadsters

Tch NextGen Science Squad: The "squadsters," as they are affectionately known, share resources, ideas, and reflections on learning about the NGSS.

More about Tch NextGen Science Squad

Video Lounge: Developing and Using Models in Science

Step inside a fifth grade classroom where students are learning about the sun's effect on climate and the seasons. Watch students engaging in NGSS practices using models, constructing explanations, and communicating information. Add your thoughts and see what your colleagues are saying.

For more interactive videos on NGSS, click here.

Our Partners

To support our community, we've curated relevant and high-quality materials from leading science and educational organizations.

Click here to see all of our partners.

Special thanks to

The Carnegie Corporation of New York for funding our work to support understanding of the NGSS.


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