Bringing the Power of Video and Collaboration to Professional Learning

Teaching Channel Teams is being used to support a diverse set of professional development initiatives in the field today. Teams is particularly effective when focused on efforts to:

In the below examples, see how these organizations are effectively evolving professional learning through the power of video-based collaborative tools with Teams.

Make Reflection and Analysis a Part of Everyday Practice
Connect teachers and coaches anywhere, any time.

While the ideal would be to have a coach for every teacher, in-person coaching simply cannot scale to support this need because of geography, scheduling limitations, and limited capacity. Teams makes it possible to scale coaching to reach more teachers. Teams enables coaches to share Teaching Channel videos, and videos from a district’s own video library, to show specific teaching ideas along with notes on practice. Using the Tch Recorder app, teachers can easily capture and share video of their own practice for personal reflection, or share with a coach or mentor any time, anywhere.

Case in point: Academy for Urban School Leadership (AUSL)

See how AUSL is using Teams to enhance their coaching through video, and to scale standards-based instruction with video best practices.
Read the AUSL white paper.

Scale Professional Development & Personalize Learning
Blended PD helps teachers adapt and apply new strategies.

Just as teachers differentiate instruction for their students, professional learning must address the different learning needs and styles of teachers. The Teams platform makes it possible to continue the learning that occurs in face-to-face experiences, such as coaching or in-service PD activities. Teams helps extend the impact of existing PD initiatives, enabling teachers to guide their own learning through access to a diverse set of videos and participation in online groups across a school, district, or state. Blending learning in this way enables teachers to find the PD support they need, when they need it.

Case in point: Educate Texas

See how Educate Texas is using Teams to provide blended coaching and align instruction to standards across the state.
Read the Educate Texas Case Study.

Powerful Online Tools Make it Easy to Collaborate
Provide the structure and access needed to make PLCs successful.

Effective professional learning communities are the key to developing teacher leaders and building capacity. Teachers need time to discuss strategies for improving student achievement, including what’s working and what isn’t, in the classroom. Teams provides a place for teachers to extend their collaboration beyond their classrooms and buildings. Discussing and adapting videos of exemplar practices, sharing video from their own classrooms, and examining student work alongside district standards, can all be done easily and efficiently with Teams. Teams takes PLCs to the next level, enabling teachers to get the support they need to lift student achievement.

Case in point: Fresno Unified School District

Read the Field Study to learn how Fresno Unified has taken their Accountable Communities online with Teams.

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