Using Video and Blended PD to Implement and Sustain Common Core

Fulfilling the promise of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) requires sustainable implementation support for your teachers to be successful. Effective support begins with teachers being able to see what these instructional shifts look like in real classrooms, and then being able to work with colleagues, coaches, and instructional leaders to adapt and apply the standards in their classrooms.

The Teaching Channel video library provides over 200 Common Core-aligned videos and is the foundation for supporting this shift. By seeing these standards effectively implemented across K-12 grades and subjects, teachers can develop a deeper understanding of the standards and begin applying them in their classrooms.

Building Capacity for Common Core Click image to enlarge Source: March 2014 Teacher's Voice Survey

Collaboration Builds Capacity

Video is an excellent starting point for seeing and understanding instructional shifts, but watching a video alone will not sustain the shifts in practice that Common Core requires. With Teams, teachers can work together in online groups using powerful analysis tools to annotate video, enabling deep discussions and reflection of practice. Groups can be led by teachers, coaches, and instructional leaders, building on face-to-face PD activities to extend the impact into the classroom. Ultimately, teachers can share videos of their own classrooms for reflection, coaching, and to sustain improvements in their practice. Providing this ongoing support increases the effectiveness of existing PD initiatives and helps teachers internalize the Common Core instructional shifts.

Case in point: Blended PD in Fresno Unified School District

Fresno teacher leaders are using Teams to facilitate their transition to Common Core. Combining face-to-face in-service with online activities, while extending their PLCs online, is helping Fresno to support the instructional shifts necessary for Common Core.
Read the Field Study to learn more.

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