Engage and Support Educators

Whether you're seeking assistance at the leadership or teacher level, Teaching Channel (Tch) Professional Services provides support to help ensure your success. We help you address critical issues including:

  • How do I lead a new vision of blended professional learning?
  • How do I integrate video and online learning into our existing PD initiatives?
  • What are best practices for engaging teachers in a video-based, online environment?
  • How do I help my coaches learn to coach online?

Erika Nielsen Andrew, Former Chief Academic Officer, describes Tch Professional Services

Professional Services Descriptions

Tch Professional Services provides comprehensive support to help you blend your professional development program.

Our wide range of services includes:

Leadership Strategy Session:
This all day session convenes key leaders to determine the vision, goals, metrics, and strategy for leveraging Teams as part of a cohesive, professional learning system. Issues addressed include what to expect in engagement patterns, and case examples of successful Teams — and the conditions and change management approaches that made them so.
Asset Mapping:
A survey of existing professional development practices, policies, initiatives, and human capital management used in the leadership strategy session to guide and shape strategic choices.
Teams Training:
Training on the basics of Teams, online learning, the professional learning cycle, and UGC video. Using a Train the Trainer model, this session prepares administrators, coaches, and teacher leaders to lead their colleagues on Teams. This experientially based session simultaneously models our Theory of Professional Learning in a blended workshop format, with planning time to imagine how to use Teams in coaching, professional development, and PLCs.
Coaching Online:
All Things Video (how to, getting comfortable, and video analysis), Blending Face-to-Face Professional Learning with Teams, and How to Lead Effective Groups Online.
Leadership Coaching:
Coaching on Teams for Teams’ leaders to hone their skills in site use, embedding Teams into work flows, designing effective blended professional learning opportunities, connecting initiatives, and learning how to lead a culture of growth.
Engagement Coaching:
Coaching to monitor and drive engagement levels. Using metrics, engagement rubric analysis, survey data, and suggestions for additional online tools and protocols, these consultative sessions assist leaders in guiding strong engagement on Teams.
Content Curation:
To ensure the Teams site is both relevant and vibrant, we co-create playlists, newsletters, campaigns, and surveys to inspire interest and engagement. We offer a suite of tools and protocols, including video analysis and guidance for popular use cases: coaching, PLCs, and blending face-to-face PD with Teams.
Video Services:
Tools and coaching for effective Teaching Channel-like videos, or video production to capture customer best practices.

Professional Services Pricing

We base the cost of Tch Professional Services on your individual needs, including number of educators being served, and preferences for online or on-site services. We provide discounts when you include Professional Services at the time of your Teams purchase or renewal. Email us to learn more.

For more information:

  • Learn about the research on video-based professional learning. Watch Videos.