Video-Enabled Professional Learning Platform

What is Teaching Channel Teams?

Teams is a video-enabled professional learning platform that provides continuous growth opportunities when and where teachers need it most.

Teams helps schools and districts to advance teacher effectiveness and lift student achievement by:

  • Fostering a culture of continuous improvement
  • Supporting collaboration to help teachers get better together
  • Scaling professional learning initiatives cost-effectively
  • Providing customized services that assist in maximizing your investment in professional learning


Scale and improve your professional learning programs!

Leverage the power of video to reach more teachers with more relevant, just-in-time support and feedback. Teams increases the impact and effectiveness of:

  • Instructional coaching
  • New teacher induction models
  • PLCs
  • Mentoring programs

View a case study video and request a demo to discover how Teams can accelerate professional learning in your school or district.


Want to bring Teaching Channel to your school or district?

Teaching Channel Teams combines everything you love about Teaching Channel and more! With Teams you can:

  • Collaborate online around your favorite Tch videos
  • Share lesson ideas and classroom resources
  • Share video from your own classroom

Let your administrator know that Teaching Channel has a private, video-enabled platform that takes professional learning to the next level!

Case Study Video