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Assessment mputability theory deals primarily with the question of the extent to which a problem is solvable on a computer. The statement that the halting problem cannot be solved...
06.05.18 08:14am 10 6/5/18
Technology qa ask
08.06.18 10:46am 4 6/5/18
Assessment Where are math related videos?
05.08.18 09:55am 1 5/8/18
Behavior When dealing with behavior issues, what are some effective ways to discipline students to hopefully eliminate these issues?
08.11.18 01:08pm 1 3/25/18
Class Culture What is the best way to gain genuine, active parental engagement?
08.12.18 08:57am 1 5/14/18
Engagement Do you have any helpful advice for keeping students engaged? I have some students that no matter if I try to make the information relevant or instruction engaging,...
08.12.18 08:27am 1 4/13/18
Math Innovative ways of teaching mental maths grade 1-5
12.05.13 01:13am 0 2/7/13
Digital Literacy How do you find good maps to support instruction?
12.05.13 01:13am 0 7/3/13
Common Core Where can I find a good 7th grade ELA lesson plan sample aligned to the Common Core?
12.05.13 01:13am 0 9/3/13
Other How to create the little icon of the flag, and other images on the side of giving comments when I post my comment ?
10.21.13 02:35am 0 10/21/13
Collaboration How can I teach critical lenses to 9th grade english students? Any creative ideas? Thanks:)
02.24.14 10:39pm 0 2/19/14
English Language Arts Planning curriculum as a new teacher?
02.01.15 01:05pm 0 7/18/14
Coaching I coach a large number of EC teachers in my county. Due to budget cuts, many of the teachers have large classes and schedules that make it difficult to teach...
11.10.14 07:58pm 0 11/10/14
Social Studies Resources that incorporate differentiation
03.17.15 08:48am 0 3/9/15
Engagement I have a student who can spell just about anything; once she sees the word, that's it. So, I'm excited to find a word that she hasn't encountered......
09.07.15 04:58pm 0 9/5/15
Planning I prepare Science and Social Studies lesson plans for 2nd grade. How can I manage the fact that some colleagues do not have time to execute the lesson and I need to...
02.18.16 11:12pm 0 2/13/16
08.24.16 12:18pm 0 8/24/16
Assessment NGSS Standards
01.22.17 08:16pm 0 1/12/17
Math I'm in Houston. My school has pushed back the start date two weeks. This is time we can't have back. I teach 2nd grade math and the first unit is...
09.17.17 10:25pm 0 9/2/17
Behavior What would a good example of teaching "Digital Citizenship" look like?
04.19.18 04:42pm 0 4/19/18