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Common Core Math Questions

Jan 29, 2013 7:40am

What are your most pressing questions about the Common Core Math Standards?

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    • Feb 1, 2013 5:15am

      One of the best answers for negative number multiplication was given by Steven Strogatz of Cornell University at

      he also said if you think of negative numbers as debt and the positive numbers as weeks to pay back the debts the money will still be negative from the sense that you have to pay it back

      I hope this is OK.

      • Jan 30, 2013 10:50am

        Yohana, Have you watched the Teaching Channel video about Zero Pairs? It is about adding and subtracting integers, but perhaps it would be a place for you to start.

        • Jan 31, 2013 6:55am

          Think of something negative... Growing up my parents made us eat bizarre things (calf brains, liver, cow tounge, etc.) If you have three tounges, and three wonderful "positive" children, how much tounge would each get? Well, one of course but who wants to eat it? IT WILL STILL BE NEGATIVE (DISGUSTING)!

          • Jan 30, 2013 7:37pm

            A lot of teachers are still trying to understand the mathematical practices. How do you decide which practice to focus on for different content standards?

            • Feb 1, 2013 8:12am

              Hi Yohana,
              There is a great Teaching Channel video about working with negative numbers. Not sure what your grade level is, but check it out. At about 4 minutes in, there are some clear techniques spelled out.


              I'm with Teaching Channel....and let me encourage anyone with a Common Core question to post it separately---just by clicking the "Ask anything" button. That way you can tag your question and we can know what grade level you're teaching at.

              Hope the video helps.