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Advice for floating teacher with 6 DIFFERENT ROOMS every day?

Dec 20, 2017 1:45am

I'm an ESL teacher in Korea. I float to approximately 6 different rooms which are different almost every day (not repeating like many of those floater teaching in the US). That also means 6 different classes. I see most students once a week for the 50 minute class. A cart is not an option for me due to space restrictions (I currently only carry a clipboard with worksheets and sometimes I can't even find space to put that).

It may sound hopeless but I don't know, some advice would be nice. Any creative ideas. Maybe binders or trifold systems. I need some practical ways to include classroom expectations in every class every day, classroom management, carrying supplies such as game supplies and craft stuff etc. I'm a creative person, so I desperately wish I could have my own room to organize and decorate excessively. Anyway, help please!

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    • Jan 26, 2018 11:00am

      A backpack is helpful! I also try to file paperwork in the classrooms where I work. Another tip is to purchase a plastic pouch for a 3-ring binder (Walmart has them). I put it in my plan book with a pack of tissues, a few writing implements, post-its, correction tape & lip balm. True necessities! Good luck :)

      • Feb 10, 2018 8:23am

        When I was a floating teacher I did have a small grocery cart. However, I believe your greatest positive is your attitude and your ability to be a new face in the room! Get the students moving with something and maybe singing a song, maybe a call and response type song and don't be afraid to dance. Each student can see in your eyes that they belong, that you believe they can learn and that you are connecting your lessons to their lives or trying to do that. Mix it up with something they write, something they repeat orally and something they draw. Laugh a lot and really enjoy your opportunity to be a bright spot in each student's day. Put as many jobs in the hands of the students as possible so they can own their learning (passing out things, clean up, moving desks or whatever tasks come up).

        • Feb 10, 2018 1:19pm

          I was a roaming teacher for a year and requested a space/center/table or desk, to set up in each classroom with a special sign that students knew it was mine and when I would be there(schedule), leaving something that they would be curious or challenging; questions, images, recordings, and sometimes games that they could work on or write about prior to my return, that was connected to what they were studying. Make it a fun and colorful place students want to visit - even if it's a window spot!