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Advice on Incorporating the Core in a Single Classroom

Dec 14, 2013 3:28pm

Seeing the Core in action through the Teaching Channel videos has been very inspiring. As a 2nd year teacher, I remember being introduced to the Core in my teacher training program. The district and state in which I teach has not yet adopted the Common Core Standards. I just am in awe of the level of rigor the students in the videos respond to. My students keep me searching for ways to give them more. How would one begin to incorporate the Core Standards into his/her classroom, even though he/she is not expected to use this framework? How would I meld these standards with my state's standards? Where could I find resources (research, lesson plans, assessments)? I believe my students can do just about anything, but could my own exploration of the Core be successful if my students have not been exposed to them previously? I feel like to be successfully implemented and produce the desired results, using the Core must be a team effort.

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    • Dec 31, 2013 11:39am

      If your state has not adopted them, I believe you are mandated by your state dept of licensure to follow the sate standards. When i taught in New Hampshire and the standard was "Cite textual evidence..." then that was the goal and objective of my lesson plan for that class. There are so many CCSStandards that are exactly the same as my old state standards, and I haven't changed any of my lesson plans, since it is possible to match an old standard to a new standard. Even if we did not adopt the core, my state standards rule what we teach students.

      My lesson plans are still very simple, and I think they are engaging, interesting, and fun. I am not so sure that you have to spend time, energy, and resources looking outside for materials when, if you talk to the students to find out where they are, you have all the necessary skills to get them where they have to be.