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Any advice on how to teach music from a cart in the regular classroom?

Jul 6, 2017 6:46pm

Teaching Music from a cart

  • Arts
  • K-5
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    • Aug 20, 2017 9:07am

      I taught art from a cart for many years. And this what I learned - BE PREPARED FOR THE NEXT DAY BEFORE YOU LEAVE SCHOOL TODAY. Even it you need a checklist so you have everything because once you are on a roll there's no going back. Have your Plan B lesson plan set up too. Leave nothing to fate.
      It's a hard way to teach, being "on the road" all the time. But there is an advantage where you don't have a room to keep tidy and a place that is unfamiliar at first to little ones to teach. Have a fun year!

      • Aug 24, 2017 9:49pm

        Communication is key! Communicate with the teachers whose classrooms you'll be teaching in (ask about using their technology, decide how you'd like students to be prepared once you arrive, possibly use a rotation of student helpers if you need some more assistance moving from one classroom to the next). Regarding your cart, bigger isn't always better. Find a size that suits your curriculum and material needs (instruments, manipulatives, etc.) and make sure you can push it with ease and w/o injury. For classroom management: establish a music class routine (how you start and end the class) and be firm on your music rules so students have a clear delineation that during music class time, you're the teacher to go to and not their usual classroom teacher who may still be prepping in the room during that period. A source you can check out for more info is: