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Any cool interactive ways to teach vocabulary in science with technology?

Feb 13, 2014 11:59am

  • Science
  • 9-12
  • Differentiation / Engagement / Planning


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    • Aug 5, 2014 7:29pm

      Hi, Robert.

      Something I'm considering doing in my English, Drama, and Speech classes this fall is using Instagram to have students capture key concepts or ideas through short video or images. For example, if my Speech students are studying body language, they might shoot a short clip or take a picture with an instance of body language, then describe that in the caption. I know a Biology teacher who does this with her vocabulary, as well. Students are given lists of terms and find examples at home or in nature, then submit the photos on Instagram where the teacher can quickly review them. I have considered creating "Instagroups" in my classes so that all 120 of my students aren't submitting individual entries.

      One thing to think about -- consider using very unique hashtags to make going through submissions a little easier. Also consider having each submission include the name or names of all involved.

      • Mar 4, 2014 3:11pm

        Hi from Ann,

        I use the dice , balloon pop or spinner from the Smartboard.I write one vocabulary word on each die side. The students take turns touching the dice. They have to draw a picture or tell the meaning of the word. They get $1.00 fake money if they are correct. If they need help they get half dollar coin and their helper gets a half dollar coin. After X amount of turns everyone counts their money to see who has the most. For science I used a picture / picture of the vocabulary words next to the dice or spinner . The student points to the picture that corresponds to the vocabulary word. With the balloons if they know the word on the balloon they get to pop it. If you don't have a SmartBoard
        you can do this with large dice and velcro the words or pictures. You can also make a spinner and put words on it.

        I also make a Jeopardy game out of paper using questions pertaining to vocabulary words and their meaning or functions.You can also down load Jeopardy games from SmartBoard Exchange on the internet.