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any ideas on rythm activities for year 8

Nov 1, 2016 2:53pm

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    • Dec 9, 2016 4:13am

      There is a piece written by Steve Reich, it's called Clapping Music. I use it all the time in my private lessons with kids. I will warn you, it's difficult. If your students are struggling rhythmically you may want to start this out slow with them or it will be a train wreck. I usually bring this out with my private students if their having trouble counting or dragging while they play.

      Another activity might cost a little bit of money, but it is an absolute blast and has been a hit in every lesson I've used it in. Lowe's and home depot sell plastic 5 gallon buckets for super cheap (you can get one with a Lowe's logo on it for $2.98). But 5 to 10 of them and some cheap drumsticks (Guitar Center has a 10 pack for 12 bucks). Set up the buckets and build a lesson around them, write rhythms for your students to play, or maybe even have them create their own and have a jam session. The kids love it.

      Here's the link to the clapping music: