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As an In-class Support teacher, how do you support students in a classroom thst is 95% lecture by the gen ed teacher?

Nov 6, 2013 5:22am

I am an in-class support teacher in a 9th grade history class. The general ed teacher lectures 95% if not more of the time. Besides study guides and taking advantage of the few minutes I get a week to interact with students, I'm not sure how to support my students with special needs.

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    • Nov 6, 2013 7:22am


      The best thing you can do is to take fantastic notes that will engage the students and make them copies every day. For example, you could make slotted notes, draw little visuals to help them remember certain concepts and even draw pictures of famous places and people which may help them to better access the material. Also, if you're sitting next to them while taking these notes, you're modeling note taking strategy which may help them in other classes. The class is clearly not universally designed, but you can still help the students by scaffolding, heightening the salience of goals and objectives, and keep them engaged by giving them opportunities to answer questions throughout the period by sliding them post-it notes with questions so they can respond.

      Hope this helps,