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Attention after lunch?

Dec 29, 2015 7:21am

I hope you're all having a great winter break 2015 and may you all have a great start to 2016! This question for secondary or middle school teachers even though I welcome suggestion from anyone. And I don't know if anyone's asked this question b4? If it's been asked, can you please post the link. Here goes my question - Does anyone have any good tips or strategies for keeping students in check right after lunch? I know that I had had difficulty focusing their attention after lunch? This is the time when some are still in their "active" mode or are going into carb coma. I've tried warm ups. I've also tried sparing a few minutes with small talk, and of course using sense of humour throughout the class. I think that what I should've done was give them some surprise quiz on the spot. But what have you tried or are currently doing and how often? Thanks in advance.

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    • Jan 5, 2016 8:31pm

      I agree with Lauren that some sort of kinesthetic or group activity really, really helps after lunch. In fact, I will front load labs , group discussions, etc to allow the students to have time to settle down. Then I will have them switch over to more passive work.

      • Jan 3, 2016 10:20am

        Those are good strategies Lauren. Thank you!

        • Jan 17, 2016 3:07am

          I had been a faculty in Staff College of a Bank. The college adopted system of putting lessons not important but compulsory in the curricula-mm. Once I had to take this challenge. I involved all the bankers starting with associating with those problems, faced by them in the work environment & asked them to tell factors behind it. After summing up, with their involvement, I suddenly questioned them, "Why we come to Bank daily? Here, from I started building every thing needed from the bankers. I asked, "what impediments can be removed by us & what by system?" Unexpectedly, the lecture continued after schedule & office time at the demand of participants. The Principal had to come to see as to what is happening? Looking at the style of my communication & participation of all, he remained there upto last moment & came to appreciate all. It was the best session of my life.