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Co-Teaching Writers Workshop

Dec 31, 2013 1:14pm

We are using Writer's Workshop at our school. With the Balanced Literacy Model, one teacher will direct guided reading with rotating stations. We have students reading significantly below grade level. How should it work with Co-teaching? Should each teacher take turns with each group? Should we have two guided reading groups for differentiation and switch? Thanks for your help!

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    • Jun 3, 2018 11:36pm

      My co-teacher and I are currently reading Kelly Gallagher and Penny Kittle's _180 Days: Two Teachers and the Quest to Engage and Empower Adolescents_ as a way to dip our toes in workshop-style teaching and plan for next year.

      One thing I keep thinking about is how the writers say that they write at the same time as their students do, but then they also find time during that writing block to conference with students. It seems to me that they must feel really torn between those two incredibly important actions.

      When my co-teacher and I talk about our reading next week, I think I'm going to propose that, during writing time, one teacher writes at the same time as the students do, under the document camera, to model writing behavior. The other teacher can pre-identify four students that we both feel need to be conferenced with, and make those short conferences happen. It seems to me that if we have two teachers in the room, we should maximize that as best we can.

      As far as who does what, I think we need to trade off, from week to week or something. Maybe she does modeling and I do conferencing one week, and then we switch to the other way around. In the past, when we weren't workshopping at all, both of us wandered around the room and helped students who seemed to need a push or clarification. When it was time for after-school tutoring or Saturday school or something like that, each student had a preference for who they liked to work with, but we kept decent notes for each other, so both of us knew what was happening with each kid.