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Common Core - CC.2.OA.2 "Add and subtract within 20. Fluently add and subtract using mental strategies." What does Common Core state (or not state) regarding expectations that students achieve this in writing, but also auditorily?

Dec 2, 2017 4:20pm

I have a student in 4th grade (note Goal above is a 2nd grade goal) who has mastery of this goal in writing, but when verbally asked to respond, is not able. Child cannot calculate how much change she should need (basic math) when at the store, or add 10 minutes to the current time on the clock - and in these situations it is not practical to have to go and write it down to calculate answer. I have been told by a few educators that Common Core only expects written (visual, not auditory) mastery. If this is true or not true, reference to where this is indicated in Common Core would be appreciated. Thank you.

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