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common core standards

Feb 25, 2014 9:24am

any tolentino


I am very frustrated with common core standard, I am searching hundred web site I could not find anyone that explain with real # how to do it. They took nice about it, but not practices I went to Barnes & Nobles to find a book, no good luck, I found the book it said common core standard but the exercise are regular.
I do not what it is the mystery. I see my son's homework, he answered the math correct, but the concept he did not get . Example 20-9= 11, from ten what it is the solution and from nine which is the solution. Please someone can help me to understand and help my son 6 years old. I will appreciate.


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    • Mar 6, 2014 9:31am


      The Common Core standards are just skills that students need to understand. The actual Common Core doesn't publish any books on implementation. Textbook companies publish books in which they align their curriculum to the Core, but the Core is not a curriculum. It may help to contact your son's teacher to ask about specific resources you can access to support him at home. Also, you can learn more about the Core by reading all the standards for your son's grade at

      Hope this helps,