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Could someone explaine what "Component 1C: Setting Instructional Outcomes" means? And give some examples of how and what?

Mar 9, 2016 9:23am

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    • Mar 13, 2016 9:44am

      Component 1c: Setting Instructional Outcomes
      Indicators include:
      • Outcomes of a challenging cognitive level
      • Statements of student learning, not student activity
      • Outcomes central to the discipline and related to those in other disciplines
      • Permit assessment of student attainment
      • Differentiated for students of varied ability
      Uses national, state or local standards to align outcomes and shows in writing or orally how the connection of individual lesson outcomes to standards.

      Outcomes represent the big ideas of the discipline but are tailored for the lesson and unit.

      Outcomes are scaffolded, build on prior learning and establish a foundation for future learning.

      Plans reference previous lessons and units to sequence outcomes in the discipline.

      Describes the instructional outcomes in terms of what students will learn rather than what they will do.

      Outcomes are specific and achievable in the time allotted.

      Outcomes are written with consideration of how students will demonstrate their achievement of the outcomes.

      Plans how to show students the connection between current and previous outcomes.

      Solicits feedback from colleagues on the clarity of outcomes and makes revisions accordingly.

      Develops outcomes related to social skills, thinking skills, task management and knowledge – related outcomes.

      Outcomes coordinate with learning among several disciplines.

      Plans lessons that require factual and higher-order thinking skills.

      Process and content align with the outcome.

      Develops a matrix or spreadsheet to track different types of instructional outcomes.

      Most outcomes push students to take appropriate educational risks.

      Considers cultures, special needs, and skill when planning lessons.

      Plans instructional strategies that allow most students to achieve outcomes.

      Plans for choice by groups of students to work toward achieving outcomes.
      Source: ""Component 1C: Setting Instructional Outcomes" exemplars"