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Do you use the textbook?

Mar 11, 2014 6:51pm

I am in a social studies/science practicum and wanted to know if teachers used the textbook and how they used it. Is it more for background and a resource or do you use it for the entire lesson? How have your students responded? I think hands-on would be best for science and discussion for social studies. It's a second grade class.

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    • Mar 15, 2014 2:53pm

      I teach 6th grade Science. We do use the book to read the chapter as a class. We do popcorn reading so every student has to focus on paying attention in case they are called on to read next. However, we stop and discuss important things in the book. What I try to do is to help the students make a connection between what they are reading in their book to everyday life. However, before we read our class warm up question is a question regarding what we will be reading in the text book on that day. This is just to see what the students already know and to help to build on top of their present knowledge on this subject. Maybe for second grade you could have the students write one sentence about what they think that they know about the subject that you will be learning on that day. Then use the book to read with the class in either popcorn reading or you read, then they read what you have just read. Hope this helps.

      • Mar 15, 2014 7:04pm

        I teach Social Studies in Middle School and I rarely use the textbook. I prefer hands on activities, Junior Scholastic articles or other high interest text, and video clips I use the textbook sometimes as a reference or for sub lessons. Use a textbook for second graders depends on the level of the text and the level of your students. You could try it as a bell ringer and test the waters. I agree with Anik, students do respond well to popcorn or other shared reading activities. :)