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Does anyone have a creative way to teach the constitution to sophomores?

Nov 7, 2014 10:35am

  • Social Studies
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    • Mar 31, 2016 9:27pm

      Might I recommend using the Bill of Rights Institute web site. Activities, primary source readings, resources (free and to purchase) and more.

      A way to combat the "Why do I have to learn this?" attitude is to show them why they do need to know. Use current events. Provide examples of the functions of government that are in their lives daily. Hold a debate on a hot (but perhaps not too hot?) topic. (You can also intentionally give them the position that is opposite their own.) Get them to diagram various concepts (checks and balances) and use actual examples, current or historical. Do four corners or a spectrum on various rights. Take away a "right" for a class period to see what it's like - perhaps have them write a scenario of life in society without particular rights. Hold an simulation of the bill-to-law process. Hopefully this will spark some ideas that will work.